Shadi Akiki

Financial Engineer

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About me

I am a financial engineer, and I focus on automation by leveraging upon open-source technology to achieve goals while minimizing costs.

Internships (2017)

ATM (2017-04-11) I am looking for interns to help me with my work. Here is my list of issues for which I’m offering bounties. I try to set the bounties such that it’s almost a 10$/hour pay. Coincidently, I’m also getting married next week (wish me luck), so it’ll be around 2 months before I get back to actively adding issues to the list.


Here are some products that I’ve built

Here are some data pipelines I’ve set up between a bank’s core system and 3rd party software

Here are some mobile apps that I’ve built for fun


Here are some services that I’ve provided

Development tools

Here are some of my favorite tools for development, data analysis, shared documentation, etc.


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